Real Estate

For those with ambitions in the field of real estate investing, our team is well prepared to properly advise you. Whether your venture involves buying and renting, or developing and managing real property, we will work with you to help create the ideal structure to protect your investment and mitigate tax implications.  We can also design and manage the bookkeeping and accounting systems to help you keep track of your goals in a timely fashion.

Technology Start-ups/Software Development

We are a firm of progressive thinkers and are passionate about helping those who innovate and are conscious about improving the world around them. We specialize in technology start-ups/software development client management. We assist with proper structuring, help develop exit strategies, provide full back-office management such as bill pay, bookkeeping, monthly reporting, budgeting and tax services. We also have the ability to make introductions with potential investors we work with worldwide.

International Entrepreneurs

If you are a foreigner investing in U.S. real estate, expanding your operations or moving to the United States, our firm helps you with comprehensive and practical advice on making sure you have a smooth experience entering the U.S. tax system. For those with foreign assets becoming U.S. taxpayers, we’ll work with you to avoid falling into the pitfalls of worldwide income and foreign financial asset reporting requirements. In addition, we offer our network of professionals abroad, for those venturing from the United States to do business in other countries. So, whether you are coming or going, we remain by your side and keep you out of trouble.

Law Firms

We have specialized experience in helping attorneys manage and grow their practice. We will work with you to develop a comprehensive plan for all aspects of your business from bill pay management, accounts payable functions, bookkeeping through providing monthly financial statements. We also offer full back office management, payroll services to help manage a smooth operation. With respect to your trust account, we offer comprehensive trust account management and reconciliation packages, as well as trust account auditing to help comply with requirements mandated by the Bar.

Our Firm recently managed a project for a law firm processing over $50,000,000 of claims awarded to nearly 1,500 claimants from the BP Oil spill class action lawsuit, including providing Independent CPA Statement of cost letters for the closing packages, and organizing their payment / trust account management process.